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Shawna at the SugarShack ~ 719-250-3957
Coleen or Tim at Cat's PourHouse ~
Private Painting Parties
I can bring the party to you!

You have a choice of locations because my equipment is totally portable.  Shawna at the Sugar Shack has a great location in Pueblo, and can host parties and provide snacks.  Cat's PourHouse is a Pueblo West location which will host us except on their busy nights.  I can also bring the party to your home, business or location of your choosing (this photo was a party at Rosario's).  If you live outside Pueblo County I may also be able to help... I have painted from Canon City to La Junta.

Prices and scheduling.

My price is $25 per person, and includes canvases and supplies, and I bring aprons and easels.  All I need are tables & chairs, and decent lighting.  Arrange for me to have about an hour of setup time before we start, and about as long to clean up.  Snacks at the SugarShack add $5 to the price.  Travel beyond Pueblo County may also add slightly to the price.  Parties require 2-3 hours of painting time depending on which painting you select.  Call me to get on my schedule.  I am available most evenings and afternoons unless already booked.  For fund raiser events call or contact me and let me see if I can help.

Everyone can do this!

I do parties with adults or with supervised kids or teens.  Generally speaking, if a child has a 2-hour attention span and a desire to participate, they can do this.  Usually that means 10 or older, but I have had some amazing exceptional younger painters.  As far as adults with no painting experience, NO PROBLEM, I specialize in helping new painters.  I lead people step-by-step and help with tips techniques and ideas.  If needed I provide templates to help the "drawing-challenged".  I enjoy working with creative people regardless of experience or skills.  I am always supportive and do my best to be helpful.  Even if you think you can't - I bet you can!
You get to decide!

For private parties, I have a wide range of options.  Pick a painting from my selection of over 100 past paintings (see them by clicking on "paintings" button above).  Or, If you have a need to paint another idea, send me ones you find elsewhere and let me create a similar painting.  For new painting ideas I would appreciate a week of advance notice.  Feel free to text or email painting ideas to me.

Food and music options.

SugarShack has great snack options including some amazing croissant sandwiches or nachos or platters and these options only add $5 cost per person.  Beverages are BYOB at the SugarShack. 
At Cat's PourHouse or other restaurants, feel free to order off of their menu for food and drinks.  If the party is at your home or work place, then the food and beverages are your responsibility.  My paints are acrylic and non-toxic.  At most places, you get to choose or provide the music that your group would like to hear.